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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
That's awesome! Sounds like its coming along nicely

Maybe I missed it but what are your goals for this? Ie how much boost/Hp are you looking to run/are running now? Track use only car? Are you using boost control in the MS?
I'm not using electronic boost control, but I am using an overboost fuel cut for protection. The built in waste gate seems to have a 10psi spring so for now I'll tune for that. The guy I pulled the timing map from had an M20B25 with an HX35 running 10psi and he made ~280rwhp. My turbo is smaller but the motor is an M20B27 so I'd be happy with ~250rwhp

Next year I'm going to pull the head and install an ARP stud kit and possibly get the water jackets welded then up the boost which will end up driving me to get a new clutch lol. I'm not planning to track this car, it'll just be a fun street car. Goal for next year is 300+rwhp.
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