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Originally Posted by sproule905 View Post
Noodles - if you are driving around wondering what everyone is thinking then you need to leave the ego at the door. No offence, but rubbernecking looking at what everyone else drives is and should be a thing of the past.

Are you really concerned what other passbyers are going to think?
ego? so why did u buy an m5? so theres absolutely zero factor on showing your car off? ppl buy nice looking cars so they can enjoy themselves and also its a statement of themselves

if we were driving around and didn't care what everyone else think about our cars, there wouldn't be different car brands , models, style , options. it would probably be a no name brand car where everyone is driving the exact same cars.

also , in my previous post above, i was merely describing how i feel when i see bimmers with red interior. I do look at nicely done bimmers and other nice looking cars on the road, do people not do this? never ever? so how do we have sighting section on the forum if 'rubber necking is a thing of a past?'

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