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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Also, for the first few AutoXs of '07, it was some of the funnest I've ever had battling Jay, with stock M20ed E30s, just different tires and suspension setups. He was on Hankooks (RS2, or RS3? Can't remember) and I was on my RT-615s. Usually it was pretty evenly matched.
Some of the best motorsport competition I've had in my inexperienced life. I started '07 on 225/50 R-S2s and didn't love them. Transitional response wasn't there compared to the 205 RT-615 (and especially not the old RT-215) which I had run previously. Still though, just because Hankook had the balls to produce a 225 15" size I managed to keep up with you through raw lateral grip. If we had data acquisition I'm sure our speeds and lines looked like we were racing on different courses. Then I messed up everything by buying an E36.

Then again there was that first auto-x with said E36 (Aug 07?) when I set FTD on Federal 595s past Randy in the HPF M3. Randy and I both shaved 2-3 full seconds off our best runs for the final 5th attempt, which I don't think either of us could have hoped for. Absolute balls-out driving.

@John I saw the Solo 1 Nov 20 event, awesome idea. Get that event going next spring/summer!
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