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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
Still a liar, if just indirectly. They (meaning everyone selling Star Specs in North America) are buying them at retail from Tire Rack and reselling them at a markup.

I moved from Star Spec to R-S3 and have zero regrets BTW. A little more daily comforts and easily equal on the track.
Thanks for clarifying that for me Jay. I've considered that tire as well, however I would prefer to go with a tire size more in line with the OEM spec to keep my speedometer more accurate. If I get some wider wheels next year, like 8-8.5"s all around, would that make up for the increased size (225/45/17 vs 215/40/17 on 7" wide wheels), or is that not a big enough increase to affect the tires? I would likely have to get my fenders rolled by you to fit the rubber in the back too, because as it sits I have ~4mm of clearance . Also, the treadwear rating of the R-S3's scares me a bit considering I'll still be DDing this car.
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