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Originally Posted by Woofer View Post
Thanks for organizing the cruise Scott. Pretty good meet for such short notice. The Pheba spoiler looks good to by the way. I still really love the look of the mtech II 2 lower valence. When I find one I'll give you first dibs on my Pheba front bumper if you want lol.

The Second part of the cruise was great. Very little traffic. I got a little excited and went a bit to hard on one of the turns but recovered nicely lol. Devon was behind me. I'm sure I gave him a little scare. My bad lol.

Speaking of Devon, poor guy blew his head gasket on the way home on king road just before hwy 10. Luckily he saw me and I was able to give him a ride back in town so he could resolve the issue. Hope all worked out Devon.

Now let's see some rolling shots.
Thanks for stopping and giving us a lift back down...crazy hills + 1/4tank + boost = cya HG

Now I have an excuse to put in cams and maybe some porting work done
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