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Originally Posted by BMW BMXer View Post
Nice! If I recall you rollered it right?
Yessir! All rollered on.

Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
Pretend I'm Gleb; "When did you get tall enough to reach the roof of a car?!"

Hey, like you said, for what it is and what it cost, it look fine, at least over the internet it does. Better not be any over spray(roll) or I'll be picking it off with my fingernails!
LOL. Euroweaves make a great stool! Blasphemy, I know.

Originally Posted by tonyhavana View Post
I could be wrong but I think when you're going 120 mph (?) down the back straight at Mosport, you won't be thinking too much about the sheen of your paint.
It looks great.............. from here!
Thats what I've been told! Although, I am kind of weird like that... I actually care about how my car looks. My expectations of a racecar that is regionally run is clean and tidy. It may not be as awesome as a professionally built car, but I want it a step above the usual racecar you see at the regional events. If you look at some cars there, you wonder how they get past Tech Inspection. I don't want to ever feel that way about my car. A quick glance at the outside of a car speaks volumes about the inside (for me at least).

So, I finished doing the roof this evening. Again, I had to hold back a bit with my expectations, as I knew it wouldn't be perfect afterall... I mean, I guess I could spend days and redo it all, but for what? Lets just say its a good 5 footer paint job and call it a day

Here is the pits I was talking about in the paint. Once this is sanded down, another skim with a block and it would be pretty straight... assuming I had thick enough paint.

You can see more of the pits here in the light reflection. Across the whole of the roof, the middle is probably the worst for texture, plainly because I didn't really care to try so hard to level it out there since its not that easy to spot. It is visible in the reflection of the tool board.

This is probably the worst spot on the entire roof. In the middle, at the back, just in front of the rear window... this was more of a prep problem, as I just got impatient... Meh.

But from a bit of a distance, it looks good for a track car.


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