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Some more progress, I finished up changing all the brakes this afternoon. While I was in the back I swapped the shocks and springs for some better condition stuff I had lying around. I didn't tackle the front shocks and springs because the housings are pretty rusty and will most likely be a bitch to take apart. Instead I sourced a better condition set of strut housings to build with the shocks and springs I have and then swap them over. While I was in the back I also patched up a hole in the wheel well that a mouse kept going into and making nests in my trunk...


Old rusted shock that wouldn't even rebound when I compressed it...

Sweet hole in wheel well and rotted overflow return cover...

Patched the hole with fibre glass and sprayed on some undercoat

All back together with a slightly less rusted overflow return cover that doesn't fit properly and is held on by 3 out of 8 plastic nuts that use to be there... solid as a rock!

Took it for a quick rip once I got it back together, I didn't have the laptop with me to log it, but I noticed that when I was doing pulls at higher rpm I must have been getting some sort of tach loss, it didn't seem to make the car stumble at all, but I noticed that the needle on the tach was bouncing ( i.e. I'd be at 5000 rpm and it'd bounce from 5000 to 4000 and back). One other weird thing that happened is that the car just shut off while I was driving lol. I think it might have something to do with how my wideband is wired into the relay.

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