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i just spent a year changing around my dinan s/c setup, 42lbs injectors, 803 hfm, m50 manifold, rms headers, after cooler, full straight pipe from the headers, walboro 255, diff mounts, fan delete with spal replacement, zionsville competition cooling kit, tms oil cooler, blah blah blah, i forget the size of my pulley atm but I'm running around 11-12 psi,which i thought would be enough for me, don't get me wrong the car pulls,(soon to be water meth kit. and going to 14 psi this summer ) and would pull a shit load more with a 3.64 in the back, but I'm bored already, i want to break loose in third ( not literally but i want something scary fast ) if i could do it over again, i would have saved all the money from my intense parts list, drove the car the way it was, bought something else and run a turbo setup or lsx/t56 which is what I'm doing next in an e36 leaning towards the chevy, because turning the car one with a nice lumpy cam and having that deep exhaust note and growling popcorn popping idle coming out of a lil 3 series would be priceless, and just straight up ****ing awesome

IMO go the turbo route all day **** s/c's and this is coming from a guy that has a blown s52.....
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