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Thanks to everyone for showing up, including my dad, who was actually the only red e30 owner in the bunch, which used to be one of the most prominent colours at these meets.

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yah a few, I got to see a coupple m3's and a metric mechanic engine came by a little later, how was the cruise?
Um, a super clean silver e30, older guy named Bruce? Cruise was good, only had 7 or 8 cars go on the cruise, but everyone stuck together. No real traffic to deal with, and the dusk made for some nice sunsetting views. Devon met up with us half way with is turbo's ti.

Debuted the new look trunk lid. Got rid of the leaky third brake light by replacing the lid for a diamondschwarz 318is lid. Took off the spoiler and installed the Pheba OEM spoiler instead. Came debadged, so that was easy.

Too bad more of you couldn't have made it out. I was expecting quite a few more to show up, but I understand the short notice was likely the main factor. Hopefully we'll get a proper meet together in the spring once everyone is back from school, and when people aren't working on a saturday.

More pics!!

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Grow up and move on.
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