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Originally Posted by new2bmw View Post
I love the engine, so clean, looks amazing. I am such a perfectionist and would kill for the chance to do what your doing. I was thinking of using tremclad on some of my subframe parts and trany, sway bars etc. but I am not sure how it would hold up, if anyone knows let me know please, also, when you use the POR let me know how it goes, I have heard good things but never any long term results, just that it works. Where did you pick it up and how much was it? Great job, keep it going!
Ive heard nothing but great things about POR-15, I picked it up off their website because I didnt find any other places to buy it lol. a bit pricey, but I wasn't impressed with my make-shift painting job on the rear subframe and trailing arms. I'm sure POR will work a lot better

Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Hope you got a nice heater going on in your garage!!

Looks like good progress.
Ha a stupid little wal-mart one thats NOT doing a good job with no insulation in the garage

Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
I like your cam lock tool!
Thats a picture from the machine shop actually, they got creative

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