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So now that I am back in the country and currently unemployed (just starting to look for jobs) I'm making a bit of a push to get the mechanicals of my turbo car finished before the winter. I've been sitting on the car for two years now, it's time I get it done.

First thing I wanted to do was weld in a flex joint. For some reason the PO was ok with having an exhaust shop weld up his exhaust solid with no flex joint...

Easy fix, cut a section out and weld a flex joint in

I spent today working on the brakes, ended up having to grind out one of the screws that holds the disc in place because it was seized and it stripped. Because of that I only got the front brakes done before deciding to call it quits. Also spotted that one of the rubber flex lines must have been rubbing on a tire at one point because it was all chewed up so I'll have to replace that.

Upon inspecting the car further... there's a hole in the floor pan on the driver's side. I'll probably just chop a bit out, rivet a plate in and slather a few pounds of tar over it just so my feet don't go through the floor.

I've also go 6 of these on order since the 24lb injectors currently in the car are nowhere near sufficient... 42lb bosch design III injectors ftw.

After that, all I have left to do is plumb the ICV into the charge piping and clean up a bit of wiring. Then the car will more or less be done and I can start fiddling around with tuning it. As it sits with its very conservative "get it running" tune and it's undersized injectors it feels like a low 5 second 0-100 car, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting it tuned better... and having to replace the clutch because of the power

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