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Originally Posted by bayerish 325 View Post
What do you think of paddle shifters?

I just traded in my hot but aging 335i 2007 with paddle shifters for a very nice 2009 323 with stick shift and extremely low mileage. Although I still can't believe I let go of my 335, I also can't believe how much fun driving stick shift is and how much I missed it. I miss the power and luxury features of the 335 at times, but frankly, the stick shift does add so much more to the driving experience. The paddle shifters are quite jerky and lacking in precision in my opinion (it pretty much is an automatic).
wow.. can't believe you traded down to a 323! You must be 30 years or older and have since been ladened with responsibility

As far as paddle shifters go.. I couldn't do it.. I test drove a few new Audi's with them and they were horrible.. most of the times I would blip it, the car would say.. "nahh It'd be too jerky bra".. and stay in the current gear.. it really sucked. If I had a gun to my head to pick ONE of the following in a new car, between RWD/6cyl/MT it would be the the MT any day.
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