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Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
Will have to rent a lift space thou.

I've used that thing before, the worst part its SO MESSY, it gets onto your clothes and its next to impossible to get them off.

I believe in rust proofing, the Volvo is from 1991 and when it was bought, my dad ensure it got some crazy ass rust proofing that looks like POR15 meets playdough, we drove it in winter every year until few years ago, not a spec of rust on the chassis.

I've also look up on the Chassis saver, but apparently its a just a knock off of POR15 that doesn't stick as well, and some people are having problem with POR15 with it chipping off if no paint was lay over it.

I'm debating about bedliner.
Thats because its a Volvo my moms s70 has never been oil sprayed or undercoated and I couldnt find rust on that car if I tried, they make seriously long lasting cars lol
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