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If I recall I reset a 2006 coupe light last week...

Started the car
waited for lights etc to come on in the center, even tapped the stalk button on left of wheel ( indicator selector ) to speed up the process
Held down gauge button for 3-10 sec and..
Once the light showed up I wanted to reset I then held down the stalk button ( this is the indicator stalk btw ) for another 3-10 sec.
The dash will say RESET, let go of button and push and hold again for 3-10 sec.
The Light should change color (like from yellow to green or red to yellow) and reset is done. If done properly it will not be available to reset again if you try.

Hope that helps and btw I read 4 ways to do it, some involve position 2 with key in and press start button (nobrake) but that never wroked on this car so I just started it up.
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