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Originally Posted by Brian325is View Post
As an owner of a 2000 Boxster S, I would still vote for the Porsche. Yes I am nervous about the IMS problem but sometimes these things are blown a little out of proportion. There is a fix available, part costs about $500 and it is a good idea to fix it if you do a clutch job as you are allready in there. As for fun to drive there is no comparison between the Porsche and BMW. Two different cars, one more sports and handling oriented and one more grand touring. Your choice of what you want. Also you do not need to drop the engine for any service that I am aware of. I have changed oil, air filter, spark plugs, and belt by using the axcess holes on top and behind the seats.

Ps. Did I mention the sound of the Porsche, especially if you remove the intake snorkel.
Agreed - I love the sound of the porsche. Everything I was reading about the IMS was scaring me and I haven't had the best of luck when it comes to "potential" problems. "potential" problems seem to find my car. AFAIK, the IMS problem is a lot more then $500 to fix (assuming you are not doing a clutch job).

I wouldn't call the Z4 "grand touring" - that's going a bit overboard. The Boxster definitely has GREAT handling, but the Z4 is no slouch either. And really speaking - when am I going to have a chance to "throw" my car around corners... near never...

I've chosen the Z4 - it's coming this week. I liked the idea of the Porsche, just not the expense. Maybe for the next go around...

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