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E 30 Sedan

I am new to this forum - please forgive any errors i make trying to learn the system.

In answer to the inquiry reguarding the suspension. The front suspension was upgraded. I did not commission or do the work. It was done by the previous owner. He put in new tower assembles with new Blistien performance shocks. The original idea was to put in a larger engine and give a firmer ride at higher speeds. The car was also rewired with new harnesses to accept a newer power plant but it was never installed. The upgraded suspension to hold the larger engine is still in the car. The drive shaft was changed and differential was also upgraded to limited slip with better ratio to accomodate the higher torque engine and larger transmission.

In reguards to the comments. I too have had a succession of e30's. Seven in total. Each was aquired and the parts moved off the previous car into the succeeding car. I recently changed to e36 because as my last e30 reached the end of the line - I could not find a replacement car with a sound enough body to put the time into. I then found this car. Unforetuneatly I had disposed of my old e30 so had to start from scratch. I have not had the time or resources to restore it and hope to find it a good home.

The interior is clean, upgraded and new. The body has little or no rust. All electronics work. In it's current stripped down condition it can be made into a track car, drifter, ralley or fully restored street machine. One can modify it any way they wish. I thought this forum would be the place to find enthusiasts who may wish to finish the car and have some fun with it.

The car has to go so let me know if anyone has any interest.
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