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^Haha high offset chinese rims with dual bolt. The Factory wishes they used stuff lke that on their cars But yeah, none of the privateers ran Motorsport stripes like that. That was the Factory's latest and greatest for colour schemes back in the day. It even looks like Stuck's helmet with the stars all around it.

Yeah I'm not gonna lie, its like the E30 didn't want to leave a few days before today. I ended up having to pull an all-nighter to detail the car because I didn't have enough time this week dealing with all the other stuff... It paid off, the new owner is very happy with the car. I believe he may still be on the road with it as we speak... hes got a long drive to get home.

No exhaust, but I will be chopping the exhaust off my E30 parts car and using that as temporary. 2.5" all the way back. I still wish a 3" would fit

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