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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Just stumbled across this picture...apperently in '73 the stripes on the front bumper tapered inwards. also has a different front valance
Could even be a privateer entry?

Pretty bare bones, that car is. Narrow flares, no wind splits on top of the quarter panels, no batmobile wing, no passenger mirror, no rear windshield spoiler, crome drivers side mirror instead of smaller black ones, no side dump exhaust, and no front tow hook. Probably running on cheap one piece high offset Chinese rims with two bolt patterns, spacers, hub rings, and no centercaps.

Glad to hear you got the e30's tank back in and everything all together. It's like the car didn't want to leave or something. All that stuff you had off the car on the weekend looked sooooo rusty! Lucky you were able to sell that thing at all! I kid, I kid.

Oh yea, this is the '02 thread, haha! There's still time before the snow flies. I'm sure you'll get some front brakes on there and take it for a rip out on the road. Is there an exhaust on it?

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Grow up and move on.
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