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Hey guys, sorry for being MIA yesterday, the E30 commanded my attention until it was out of my hand (pretty much pulled an all-nighter to finish detailing it)... Now it is in the hands of the very happy new owner

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Just stumbled across this picture...apperently in '73 the stripes on the front bumper tapered inwards. also has a different front valance
Yes, '73 ETCC cars had entirely different bodywork and wheel sizes altogether. That pic is early '73, as around mid '73, the wing package was homologated and the cars ran with the fancy 'Batmobile' wing set from then on.

Like Eddie mentioned about the spoiler stripe, no there wasn't a 'template' so to speak. But like I said, they were always trying different stuff on each cars at different races. Going back to the picture Scott posted with his favorite red and white clad friend , look at the wheel offset between the two cars. Some stuff came at the request of the driver (say like a locked rearend VS a LSD)... Most of the bigger stuff was tested beforehand (like widening the fenders in '75, etc.)

EDIT Oh, and I forgot to mention

Since this is afterall the 2002 thread... I just wanted to update you guys with whats been happening. In short, nothing has happened lately, so I obviously won't be taking it to Mosport tomorrow (for those that I may have mentioned it too, please disregard) I will still be there tomorrow, but without a ride If I have an ounce of luck, I still maybe able to get it driveable before the snow flys, but thats pretty much the end of the season... and will have to wait until next Spring for any driving experiences with the '02.

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