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Originally Posted by ///M-TRD3 View Post
^That's great that you have accomodation here, saves you money for other stuff.

I'm planning to get some of my first rides in next month, one weekend or Saturday probably at Zugspitze. The drive is about a hour from my house. I'm really looking forward to a few places in Austria and Switzerland I want to checkout. Has anyone ever been to Adebolden Switzerland? I'm really looking forward to riding there in the next few months.

I'm riding a K2 Raygun, with K2 Cinch CTX bindings and Ride Anthem Boa boots. Boots and bindings I picked up at the beginnig of the season last year, I can't stress how much I love the cinch bindings, I don't think I ever sit down through the day with the step-in setup. Same for the Boa's, super easy to adjust at anytime throughout the day. K2 Raygun I bought on a good deal at the end of last season, rode it once or twice and was very happy with the choice.
Must be nice living there. I'd love to be able to stay in Germany for longer than the two week vacations we usually take there. It's a huge help that my gfs family has a place for us to stay there, saves a lot of money. Take some pics of the Zugspitze and post them up when you get back.

I like the Boa system. My salomans have that kind of system. Definitely more convenient than the usual lacing up.

Your board is looking nice, i like the graphics.

Originally Posted by Jim .E. View Post
Just confirmed. Heading back up to Lake Placid on November 29th - December 2nd. Buddy has a timeshare and needs to use his points, might as well.
Ohhhh can i come lol. I'm anxiously waiting for it to snow!
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