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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
I wouldn't mind hearing you go on about it for a bit, I might learn a thing or two lol
Sure. Thing was, back then in IMSA, cars could, and would change at almost every race venue they went... Always changing, modding, etc... Unlike today where you more less see the car unveiled at the beginning of the year and it stays pretty much the same.

The car here on display is supposed to be the 1975 IMSA season. They initially Had Dunlops, but changed to Goodyears for Daytona... there were then tested back to back at another track and it was deemed the Dunlops were in fact faster, regardless of how they felt (Goodyears were more forgiving). So thats why you see some pics at Daytona with the different tire sponsors throughout the year. Tire size always seemed to change too... a more wider, square setup, and sometimes narrower, stretch-like setup. Pics at like Sebring for example have pretty balloony tires. Early front spoilers were adjustable from the ETCC days in Europe, but eventually they switched to a very tall one piece version.

If it were me, I'd replicate a car to whatever is the most popularly seen picture of it at the time. If I am right, this wasn't even restored by Mobile Tradition, as this car has been on display for BMW Club of France as I've seen an old pic in a European Car mag from the early 90s, and I just saw a picture of it on that same pedestal while searching through flickr. Anywho, If it were me, I'd replicate it late '75, Dunlop sponsorship, one piece spoiler, etc. Obviously, now this decision is more of a personal opinion than fact... but heres facts.

Whats wrong? For starters the Striping. Holy **** is it wrong. The top of the car is not so bad. From the chrome beltline down its pretty bad. The stripes were never THAT rounded as it goes from the verticalish to the horizontal. At the front and also the rear its very rounded, almost like it was following the curve of a coin (kind of like Tullius and the famous 44 on his Jags, etc). The bottom of the rear fender flare should be black. This is subject to argument as BMWs press pictures of this car were white, but the car usually always ran with black to match the rockers. The wheel centers were usually not gold, this was probably done moreso to suit BBS' usual preferred colour pattern (being in Germany on display... ha!). The front spoiler isn't that bad, but the 'lines' that overhang the brake duct holes should be more pronounced than they are, and the striping... again! They should run up the front valance under the grills! I don't know if it is the striping that does it, but it certainly makes the spoiler look much taller than the one in the museum. What else... Ride height. Way too high at the rear. Now if they are following the later '75 look (which I guess they are note black mirrors instead of silver/chromeish) the exhaust pipes had a splash guard to protect them. Would have been nice to have the headlight covers like how they have them in soooo many pictures... Wiper not supposed to stop in the middle. Window net looks wrong (mesh is straps?! ugh) Dunno if its just me either, but in pics the windows look green. They are supposed to be clear... pretty much any CSL, even street cars have clear since they are plastic (unless its a Town package car, then in that case its a watered down CSL anyways ). Hood pins look wrong, they are supposed to be a push through and flip over ring to lock them from falling out of the pin. The rear fog light should not be as dark as it is. And that 'whatever' Design sticker on the rear trunk lip shouldn't be there... but I am guessing that is giving credit to whoever restored or painted the car.

First pic I'm attaching is BMWs press pic from early '75. Second pic is the car in late '75. How the car SHOULD look IMO.
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