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You're on the BB data value pack from a year or two ago. They can't increase the data usage, they'd have to put you on 6gb plan and then add text/voicemail, etc.

It can be done but not easily. That's a very good plan man, by your next renewal you'll be able to get it for around 40$ a month. You can push past that if you want, but if you have a plan including data under 35$ a month, you'll get reviewed (often). Usually that means nothing, but they can flag your account (wont let you renew through regular retentions, manager will have to approve your new plan)


with rogers LD minutes are LD minutes. If you're local and call LD, that uses your minutes. If you're roaming and someone calls you on your (non-local) number, that uses your LD minutes. Rogers doesn't have "home zones". If you are a rogers customer, you can make a local call ANYWHERE on the rogers network and it will be billed as local.

I've never paid for roaming in canada, and i've been coast to coast.
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