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Originally Posted by ScotcH View Post
Ahhh, see now that plan makes it a lot more interresting. Is that Bell or Rogers? Bell seems to be a lot harder to get a better deal with.
It's technically Fido but it's just Rogers. I don't have personal experience with Bell but I hear it's the same thing. The trick to dealing with these people is not to complain about the price of your bill - they know that the advertised contracts from all major players are all roughly the same, so they'll say sorry you feel that way, or scam you into thinking that increasing your bill by 20 bucks for some extra jazz is a good deal.

After a contract or two, especially one you pay over $100 a month for total, gives you precious status. So what really gets things moving is a threat to cancel. Write down what you'd like to get out of them this time. They will ask you why, pick a competitor (a true one, not Telus vs Bell but Bell/Telus vs Rogers/Fido), say that they've offered a better deal. They'll ask you to hold and transfer you to retentions. They'll ask you the same poop again, and ask if there's anything they can do for you. Tell them the plan you wrote down, and they'll counter. If they don't counter with what you like, politely say that this other thing is also very important to you (if they don't match the data, say data is important, not enough minutes then minutes are important etc).

It's important not to get rude since this isn't like a personal negotiation. These guys don't actually have to do anything for you. So it actually helps to call in the evening, so you don't get the reps who are all pissed off from dealing with screaming morons all day who don't know how to get their voicemail. They won't actually call your bluff about cancelling, if they resist and you're really unhappy with what they're offering, you can always call back and speak to another one. Say you'll think about it and hang up. I've never had to do this, but I have only called after 2 years. A coworker of mine calls after 1 (has gotten a new iphone for the contract price every year, making money selling the previous one, and getting a better phone plan), and he has to call a few times before he gets a rep who plays ball.

Then do it all again a few years later

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