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Engine bay clean up -- how in depth?

So.. I've come to the inevitable choice: how much to work on the engine bay.

Originally I was of the mindset I was going to just leave the bay as it was with some minor cleaning and thats it. More concerned about having things mechanically sound.


I ripped my harness out to do a little wire-tucking, and then starting becoming more and more conscious of the rust spots in my bay.

Its not bad, most spots like the battery tray are just surface. The old brackets on the drivers side, particularly around where the fuel filter is are the worst.
Then there are a few spots that are through around the edges, the lower rad support, etc.

Heres the thing: I have no bodywork experience at all. I'm only an amateur welder. But after looking through some engine threads, I got some confidence and book knowledge.

If I go this route, I think there are only a few spots that will need to be welded. The rest sanding / filling with a thin coat of bondo should be ok. I've read that a copper backing plate will lead to easy fill in with a welder--and JB weld for the pinholes?

Soooo -- to leave it the way it is, or to spend a month maybe more preping and painting the bay? This build isnt intended to be a show car, but my OCD will always remember the holes in the rad support.

Ill take some pictures tomorrow to get a sense of what im talking about

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