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Originally Posted by INFAMOU$ View Post
I am working here and will probably stay for the next 5-10 years. I personally love it here! My truck just arrived in the container so I will be picking it up tomorrow! Can't wait. This car I got for approx $18k CND. Considering the mileage/mods I think it's a steal.
Nice score. Just picked up an 01 M5 with approx the same mileage (116km) never seen a winter. A fillup here, now, on the M5 is about $90 CDN

I take it you or your company purchased a house/condo there? Reason being, I was looking at a possible transfer from my company a few years back to Dubai for the booming infrastructure, but you could not rent, only buy and had to have the $ then.

Curious as to whom you work for. PM if you want to keep it hush hush.

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