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More progress! So today... I waited for Richard to show up... but impatient me couldn't wait to get the back window back in, so I asked my Dad to give me a hand putting pressure on the window from the outside. Simple rope deal again, window installed in two minutes, no problems at all.

Lookin' good!

When Richard did show up, he brought a set of front door panels with him, both black/tobacco coloured. A bit of cleaning, gluing and a shot of black fabric paint later, these look mint! Had to muck around with the clips a bit... I don't know if its possible that they shrunk, but both panels were a pain to get the clips to line up at the door bottoms.

Still need the door handle trim

Starting to look complete! I wish I could say the same for the brakes lol.

So to fully complete the interior, I need to source one more floor pan plug (or just make one out of aluminum), paint them, and install two rubber plugs in the rear floor where the rear seat would be.

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