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Went out to buy some material and odds and ends for the car this week. Brake lines for the rear are in the mail (I hope).

Grip tape (thin roll) on sale at princess auto for 2$. Saaawwwhheeeeeet.

This door pull was on the blue door already when I found it, so I put it back on for the heck of it.

Here is some of the material I got

Started to work on the rear shelf. The fuel cell must be sealed off from the passenger compartment as per rulebook, so a simple cover to cover the gaudy speaker holes was needed. And yes, I had to pull the back window

My template for the shelf

So since we don't have a huge metal brake, I had to do things a more ghettoish way. I ended up clamping the metal down to one of the benches and used a body vise grip to bend the edge that I needed. While it wasn't perfect, and needed a lot of hammering to make it sort of straight, it turned out alright. Here it is all cut out, with a shot of paint on the edge to see how good (bad) it looked. It was acceptable.

Drilled a few holes and dropped in some bolts

All painted and installed

Gonna pop the window back in on Friday when Richard comes by to help out.

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