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Originally Posted by sproule905 View Post
Are you a first time 5 speeder? try changing the oil - very inexpensive and might free up some of the stickies..
No, have owned 5 speed in almost everything I have owned prior to this Jettas, Corrollas, Mazda3s. Oil has already been changed in both tranny and clutch system.

Think you need the 6 speed slave as well, sounds like it'd barly engaging the clutch making all gear changes difficult.
Simple slave cylinder leaking will do that OP, possible air in system if not leaking.
Pull up the carpet behind the clutch pedal if all oily the slave is leaking. Unfortunatly a common fault for BMW's in any year
Which 6 speed master/ slave cylinders will fit???? Will one out of an e46 fit or even an e90, and if so do you have the part numbers?

I was thinking it was one of those as well because the clutch doesn't slip, and now it seems its happening even after the car is warm that all shifts are difficult.
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