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When I got my E30 I was 21 years old and it was my first time being insured under my own name, also I had 1 at fault accident. Statefarm was a joke, they quoted me like $7500/yr. while all the other places were around $2200-$3200 per year. My car was only 19 years old at that point so belairdirect would insure it. They were the cheapest quote I got around $1800/yr (keep in mind all the quotes I was getting were just for liability). The next year my premium was around $1600/year and this year when it cam up for renewal I had around $1300/yr, however because I couldn't insure my other E30 with them I decided to switch to TD Meloche Monnex. They gave me around $1400/yr for comprehensive and $1800/yr to insure both cars, this is also before getting the professional status discount. I am now registered with PEO and that will drop my premium to around $1300/yr for the one car.
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