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Photo Hosting Poll - What do you use?

Just wanted to start a thread to see what people are using and whats the best out there.

I've had a Flickr Pro account for several years, but it won't be getting renewed anymore.

I've moved to , it's fairly new, but they have a much better model and it is starting to catch on fairly quickly, so sign up now!

The great thing I like about it, is that it is fast and well designed site, I wasn't a huge fan or Flickr, just kinda lived with it. The one major thing that sets Razzi apart from other photo sites is that you can actually get paid if you generate enough traffic to your account.

The main advantage I see with is for anyone into Photography and looking to share their pictures, with flickr you get nothing, 0, nil, even if your photo gets a million hits. With you get a slice of the ad revenue (if you have a google adsense account). 50% with a free account, 100% ad revenue if you upgrade to Pro.

Razzi's free account is much better than flickr's free account or any other provider's free account:

- Unlimited storage
- Direct linking allowed
- 50% ad revenue

- Free account is limited to 20 uploads at a time. (10MB per picture limit)

Before I moved to Pro with I wanted to see if there are an better options out there.

I've tried:
- Flickr
- Tumblr
- Picasa
- Imageshack
- Smugbug (Great site, but mainly for Pros that do paid gigs)
- Photobucket

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