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Originally Posted by ToccaTocca View Post
How do you figure it's out of spec???
Bearing clearances and the bearings themselves haven't changed from the e21!
If you actually knew what you were talking about, conventional oil is fine for the e46. The LL-04 rating means Long Life! It has nothing to do with PROTECTION of the engine, it just increases the SERVICE INTERVAL.
Before you talk out of your ass like everyone else on here, get the experience required to make such comments!
Castrol GTX 5w30:
Viscosity @ 40*C CST = 62
Viscosity @ 100*C CST = 10.8
Flashpoint = 220
Viscosity Index = 168
TBN = ??? (~8-9)

BMW Castrol 5w30 LL-01:
Viscosity @ 40*C CST = 68.1
Viscosity @ 100*C CST = 11.9
Flashpoint = 236
Viscosity Index = 173
TBN = 10

Motul 8100 5w40 LL-01:
Viscosity @ 40*C CST = 86.2
Viscosity @ 100*C CST = 14.2
Flashpoint = 230
Viscosity Index = 170
TBN = 10.1

The numbers are closer than I assumed but still different enough to be cause for concern, especially on long track sessions. I don't see how suggesting to use the oil BMW specified for the car is a bad idea but feel free to make your own decisions.
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