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^ Aha. Right on... well, I'm using a Bosch pump, so I won't be using that! I guess I could make it anyways...

Got some odds and ends done this evening. I bought some stainless hardware when I was in town yesterday, so I finished up my fenders. Some edge trim, and fancy screws do so much for appearance!

On the ground



Not nice? Stupid roll ran out halfway through the last flare. Grrrrrr... gonna have to buy some more later. Not a big deal, since this fender and flare isn't painted anyways.

Richard came by and brought some rear interior cards for me. I had to glue the bottoms down with upholstery glue... Turned out alright. I might have plans for these in the future. We'll see how things go with the car first.

After installing these, I started to wonder what happened to the original panels from this car... Hmm, gonna have to do some digging around in storage.

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