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Originally Posted by liquidc3lls View Post
thanks alot guys, ive called a few brokers today, Allstate gave me a quote for 178, still waiting on AVIVA broker, heard they are pretty cheap and do insure 1990 bmw, am also going to fill that form from TD meloche monnex and mail it in.....hope it all works out, had a kid today come and look at the car he wants to put "JDM lights" and "body kit" ill pay a kidney for insurance before i sell it to that gatineau kid!
LOL well said.

Here what I did.

1) get appraisal done
2) call AVIVA and tell them you have a appraisal done so you can insure it properly

Actually "Hockeyfan" in this forum can set u up

Look in my blog you will see what I did and the appraisal company I used.(very important the insurance will work with the real appraisers ONLY)
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