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Clutch Issue??

Hi All,

Just looking for some help on an issue I am having with my 328is, and I am not sure whats causing it. I am thinking it might be one of the slave cylinders and here is why.

1. Clutch has a very high engagement point, so much so that I have to move my entire leg because the engagement point is so high. (Hydraulic clutch cannot be adjusted)
2. Clutch does not slip, have tried multiple times on all kinds of launches

3. When the car is cold,
a) Have difficulty getting it into reverse and
b) On cold mornings like today, I have to clutch and de-clutch multiple times for it to go into gear - in particular when downshifting.

4. Just changed the clutch/ brake fluid to RBF600, could it be that this fluid takes longer to warm up and thats the issue?

Anyway hoping to hear some feedback on what you guys think the issue might be.

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