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I have BBS made up from a previous project (had to restore stickers on Dads cars) but ATS is another I plan to have in the future. Not sure if I will do the others, as they either weren't in demand so to speak, and/or weren't used as racing wheels. I'd like to keep the car making sense (ie BBS stickers on BBS wheeled car)... Bosch I'll definitely use.. ATE I'll use, if I can recycle some ATE front E30 calipers. Umm... what else... Bilstein I'll use for now, but I plan to run Konis when the car is sorted.

Speaking of JPS from your last post, it jogged my memory of my idea for one of the cars at the shop. There is a Black E24 with euro bumpers and stuff that will be parted in the near future... would be a perfect candidate for a JPS liveried car ala Jim Richards early 80s Austrailian Touring Car...

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