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Differential / Halfshafts Installed

So to cure my diff problems, I let RMP handle it. Awesome results. I was made a little harness for my speed sensor so I can use the better-condition e36 sensor and not have to do any cutting.

The diff and halfshafts were also cleaned up significantly, they look awesome!

So I stayed up til 3 last night and mounted everything with loctite, and re-checked the torque on the RTABs along with impacting the axle nuts on. I compressed and installed the springs after a quick cleaning off as well so now the absolute only thing to do in the back is the struts and brake bleeding.

I am trying to find the set of rear Konis I had lying around -- if I can't then I may have to re use the KYBs and deal with front and rear struts later on.

If everything goes well the motor should be out tomorrow! I have some help coming by, the motor is completely detached and the cherry picker is standing ready. I don't think I will have any issues hooking it up the crane looks like a beast compared to the tiny m10.

Will update on how we make out

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