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Originally Posted by BSL View Post
Thanks guys.
Yes, I'm going through the cluster- No CID.
I was able to clear the service light on the second car: I replaced the rear sensor. Then reset the service reminder. All good. I should have left the service reminder alone.

The first car still puzzles me. It has new pads, rotors and a new sensor in the rear, yet the service minder still wont reset. The 'car on lift' light is red. The Emergency brake light is on and red too.
When I scroll through the service minder menu, the rear brakes are lit in red, but wont reset.

I'm starting to think I have a bad sensor.
If you have followed the steps posted like this one,
then you should not be getting any red lights on your dash. Could be a faulty sensor or faulty connector leading to the sensor.
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