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Originally Posted by MrRWD View Post
I actually don't think you/her know how the process works. Pricing it $2k over retail price, won't get you even to the negotation stage, let alone a test drive. With many 2003 Jeeps, even limited models, in the $4000-$8000 range, it's hard to get a call back.

I'd be interested in this as a winter vehicle. Sold a car recently (Listed, Sold, & Delivered to new owner in 1 week total).

I already have snows for this Jeep.
$6800.00 Safety/Etest.

You don't have to accept it or get nasty. If not, I plan on buying one at the new car auctions in the next few weeks for much less than this. I have access.
this is your offer?

pm me if you wish to discuss offers please

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