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Originally Posted by INFAMOU$ View Post
Not at all! I work with quite a few women from Canada here and none of them feel any different. If you're hot people stare no matter what country you're in! You just need to remember that you're Guilty until innocent here... If you default on a loan, you go to jail. If you give someone the finger, you go to jail. But with this in mind, it is one of the safest cities to live for both men and women.

Thanks man. I am Director of IT for the Canadian University of Dubai and work is great! I get 2 months of Holidays a year plus a paid return flight to country of choice per year etc. Many perks to living/working here.

You know I sort of find the same thing. I have considered removing it as I do have the Vorsteiner diffuser as well... But at the same time to take off parts from a unique car seems wrong as well. I am also not the largest fan of the exhaust tips but... what do you do? Butcher a Hamann?

That, and the fact that gas is like $0.40/liter over there. Which is perfect for a thirsty car like the M5
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