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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
^OMG! I am sick of hearing about people bitching about fuel consumption!! Like seriously? Brokes ass, take a bus! Get a bike, buy a diesel pinto or a 3cyl fiesta. BUT PLEASE STFU!!!!

I remember when I was selling my RR, I would get all these clowns say, "I love your truck, I want it. What's the fuel consumption?? sorry I cant afford that" Its not a ****ing pinto, you KNOW it comers with a V8 you ****ing dumbass. You wanna drive in style, you ****ing pay for it you cock suckers!!!!

Sorry for the cursing.
Try posting on

Lol. I never said I cant afford it. I said given the gas prices, an offer of $3,000 is fair lol.

And the whole "its almost winter " logic doesn't exist in Toronto.
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