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Originally Posted by Saucy16 View Post
just to clear things up, the car is for the most part stock..only mods are intake, catless down pipe, and i gave the front end a little more negative camber.
Randy, you are correct... not in stock class.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe (4-cyl Turbo) (2010) >>> is in GS class (0.809)

You cant do much in Stock Class... no springs, sway bars, aftermarket intake, header or cat mods, camber plates... anything more than factory camber specs will take you out of Stock Class.

your intake mod will put you in E Street Prep class (0.846)
free flow cat will put you in E Street Prep class
too much camber will put you in ESP

Your corrected PAX time is actually 69.39 putting you in 10th place when your car is placed in the correct ESP class.

To be competitive I would suggest leave the car stock and get good tires. They make the most difference (besides learning how to driving) and keep you in the Stock Class with a better PAX factor.

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