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Originally Posted by Saucy16 View Post
hoping to make it out to next event as well as the few honda guys. had loads of fun. im the one who drives the red gen everyone seems to be complaining about lol
just to clear things up, the car is for the most part stock..only mods are intake, catless down pipe, and i gave the front end a little more negative camber. i am not over boosting no reflash no custom tune nothing. and i wish i made 230whp and 260wtq lol. to the wheels im lucky if im hitting 200whp.
regardless had loads of fun met some cool guys hope to come out again and have some fun
assuming i can get the day off work...agh..
I was watching you run from the stop box for 3 of your 5 runs, and I watched your last run in it's entirety, and I could tell you nailed that run. When you pulled into the stop box, I said "daaaaaamn" and kinda shook my head to myself, because that was a bad-ass run your threw together! Nice work! Hope to see you guys out again!

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Grow up and move on.
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