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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
So I decided to take the E30 out for a spin today (I rolled 800km! (This year.. )) and while leaving my neighbourhood I heard a sound come from the front right of the car, like I hit something, or something fell off.

I pulled over and walked back about 100', found a can that was crushed; that must have been it. However, I thought I'd better look under the hood to make sure. While my hood was up, a beautiful E46 vert drove by, turned around and came back to check on me, even offering up tools at his place if I needed help.

Small world, it was beem3r.. turns out we live in the same 'hood. Great to meet you Jared.

Bear, get this guy a code reader, he's a stand up guy.
Same to you, still have no idea how we've never passed each other before. I'm gonna try and co-ordinate with Barrie to get that code read tomorrow. Maybe I'll tag along for a bit tomorrow and have a coffee, hopefully I can get the code read before then so I can drive the M there instead of the beater .

PS. I spent the better portion of my afternoon looking at S/C and HPF kits, you should've never opened your hood Jay lol
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