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Joy of a 318 is you do not have to remove the exhaust to yank out the tranny.
I used 2 Jack stands that raised the car about 3 feet off the ground in the front only.
The wright up previously posted for the 6 cylds is a good one so follow it and you should have no problem.

Things of note,

theirs a pin by the starter that likes to oxidize which may make you think you missed a bolt as it's jammed on their so tight, Just spray lots of penetrating oil and it's eventualy break free with the help of a perswader or better yet a air hammer.

Take note of how the cluch goes back in, theirs a nub one one side that is supposed to be facing the rear of the car, as the cluch will fit even if you put this in backwards but will bind on the trannys input shaft making it extreamly hard to seperate from the engine again plus it will not work right once you have it all together again.

If your linkage is sloppy be a good time to change all the bushings as their cheap and easy to reach with the tranny out.

Center Support Bearing may need a puller to remove off the drive shaft if you want to change that too while it's out.

Be a good time to change out the Guibo as well.
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