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Originally Posted by sonspot View Post
It still does not make sense listing the car over $4000 market value lol.. seriously??

If you buy a brand new car for $25000 before you drive it home the car is worth less than what you paid for it, lets say its worth $20000 after leaving the dealer, if you have to sell the car in a month or two with you still owing $24000 on it, would you list it at $26000? when brand new is $25000?

Stop making excuses, list the car right and live with it..

My GF have a 2004 expedition eddie bauer 5.4L, 4x4, fully loaded under 150k km on it, she'll be lucky to get $7500 tarde in and not much more if sold privately..
of course the stealership gives you less for trade in - they have to dump it off somewhere fast. You and I both know you would get more privately, but face the headache of scheduling in the time to view the vehicle

I wouldn't even consider the value of a vehicle decreasing once you drive it off. Its already lost value when you sign thre papers...

Right now, yes the vehicle may be over "market" value, but when the snow falls that " market" value increases. Again, this is just numbers of the values ones are selling for, not their real value. I do realize Jeeps are not highliy looked after for resale, but this is why its OBO - within reason.

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