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That orange car looks nice! He stole my seat! LOL. Too bad its a show car though.. you can tell by how worn, and not worn those Yokos are... You can bet to hell I'm gonna drive this 2002 hard!

I am close! Still working on brakes and exhaust... found some oldschool strut brace brackets, but without the actual brace , so that will be the focus of material to buy at the next trip to the metal store! Also started to tighten stuff up underneath: driveshaft, diff, mounts, halfshafts, etc... I NEED it running by the end of the month!

I guess its perfect timing to throw up a pic of what the car looks like currently:

I put one of the sets of E30 wheels on the car, and set it to about the height it will run (was to gauge how much space I had for the exhaust) Looks alright I guess. I will love to see how the 15x8s will look, but I need to get two tires mounted up still, as well as the wheel studs put in.

On another note, I started on my vintage sticker collection... Snapped a pic of an old Bosch sticker while I was at Watkins Glen in Sept, and I started to recreate the plug, so one day I can outfit the car in a period correct livery.


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