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Originally Posted by Oyster View Post
6 speed swap is cheap. At least you are getting new suspension, abs module and speed sensors!

Could make more money parting this car lol!
Hate to bust your bubble, 6 speed swap is not cheap or easy (electronic wise), its easily a $3-4k job, only reason I did it on mine was because I like the car and have no desire of selling it.

Originally Posted by Bavaria View Post
Good God, I was thinking of getting an E39 540i manual, but I guess I'm going back to E34 540i.
Its really not that bad, you just have to be very careful when looking at the cars, right now there are two polar extremes in used E39 market, one is super cheap and beat up (typically driven by guys want to look baller with ebay lights), another is well maintain but at crazy prices, there are very few in between, generally speaking the pre-vanos motors seem to be very reliable in comparison to vanos motors, I admit its lot more expensive to maintain one compare to similar age Lexus, but its a different kind of satisfaction when you realized you just stopped all the oil leaks by changing the gaskets, suddently you feel lot more manly, you walked into the house and demand your wife head up to the bedroom.

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