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[QUOTE=Bullet Ride;1527518]One of the fun parts for me when I did my timing belt this spring was getting the clutch fan off. Unless you have the correct size clutch fan spanner you're SOL because a regular 32mm wrench won't fit, the water pump pulley bolts get in the way. Luckily I was able to remove two of the water pump pulley bolts to make enough clearance. Removing the clutch fan can also be fun if it's the first time it's being removed since it was installed.

one thing you forgot to mention; the fan is a reverse thread so it loosen clockwise NOT counter clockwise. don't remove any of the belts before you attempt to remove the fan clutch.

also, depending on which type of reservoir you have you can use a regular 32mm wrench. If it is old school torpedo shaped the wrench won't work. I bought a cheap wrench at princess auto and had it shaved/machined down to fit in. If you have the newer style located at the front drivers inner fender you can wiggle a standard thickness wrench through. Don't ask me why it work on one and not the other. I've done many of these jobs. You might want to use a hammer to tap the wrench to break the nut loose. once done you just spin the fan off and remove it with the fan shroud.

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