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it has been my experience that you best get a manual that outlines "how too" or do a google search on M20 timing belt replacement. This should be a good source to start with. if you are mech handy you should have no problems doing it. Doesn't matter where you get the parts you'll save maybe 30-50 at most. Make sure the tensioner is stamped with 27 I believe I can't recall now but has a marking on it.

also, when installing the belt you will have to double,triple check your timing marks. the easiest way to do this is after removing the fan etc. Rotate the motor manually until you get to TDC. then remove everything including the old belt. Remove the waterpump, install new one and reverse order - put everything back. the timing belt is the tricky part. you have to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE there is no slack and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you have the right amount of tension on the belt. one that is too loose or two tight may prematurely wear your belt out, make noise, skip a tooth or snap. the rest is bolt on.

As mentioned once the belt is one rotate the engine twice to make sure the timing belt marks line up and there is no binding. IF you get binding stop immediately. reverse the rotation recheck the timing marks. Remove the belt if you have to to re-align the cam with the crank. Be careful if this happens or you can bend a valve(s) and that means you'll be removing the head.
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