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Originally Posted by haymakers7 View Post
now i seriously i think uve read too far into that comment, how else would u confirm a complaint of hard shifting under hard acceleration? and honestly i was on city streets so its not like i was ball to walls or anything, but really no offence, i mean are you affraid of your m3 being driven the way it was built? I have all the respect for these cars and would never abuse them so rest easy and keep it coming to Elite
Which part of "beat down" did I misunderstand?

I am sure it was somewhat bravado, and I understand that to test a symptom under hard acceleration, hard acceleration is warranted during both troubleshooting and verification of resolution.

Some of us part with what are not insignificant sums for the pleasure of deciding, how, when, and by whom 'beat downs' will be administered.

My car is at Elite right now, you may have seen it. I keep it in great shape, always ensure she's warmed up appropriately before pressing on.

I don't really intend to avoid Elite. The service has been great. But as with anyone on this board I'm sure, my car is well cared for and the trust of whom you leave it with for service is paramount. Just a reminder.

I waited a damn long time to get in my car, and to many it's just a car, but this isn't something I can justify the expense of doing twice.


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